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June 27, 2022

Assets Miniature Golf Tournament


In June of 2022, Assets held its first Miniature Golf Tournament.  We decided that it had been a long couple of years managing through the pandemic and we needed a fun break.  A call out was made to all staff to volunteer to create 9 holes for play from the outside of the main building to the interior and then out again to our back patio area.  We had multiple volunteers and the course was successfully created.

A total of 15 teams made up of two participants each signed up to play.  We had staff from different departments, board members, and supported employees participating.  Some of the holes were very tough.  The players faced multiple challenges from trying to putt through crooked landscapes outside to going up ramps to get the ball in a hole.  Some were successful and others, although they enjoyed themselves, decided to pick up and go to the next hole.

At the end of the tournament there was a bar-b-que for the players put on by our own Contract’s Director, Cuong Vo.  Everyone enjoyed the hamburgers, hot dogs, and salads as we awaited the results.  When all was said and done, the winners of the tournament were Mistee Davis, Chief of Services, and Jonathan Barnes, Cobalt Team Mentor!  Matt Jones, the Executive Director, and a supported employee were a very close second.

Following the award’s ceremony, there was a drawing, and everyone walked away with a prize, including a sampling of Alaskan Dream Botanicals donated by our Finance Director, Renee Behrendt.  All and all, everyone had a great time, was thankful the summer fun and are hopeful that the Miniature Golf Tournament will return annually!