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September 15, 2023

DSP Appreciation -Cobalt Team!!

Let’s meet the Cobalt Team!!!

Yann is versatile, he bends and tweaks his support style to best meet the needs of the person he is supporting. Always will to learn more.  

Ana is a true advocate. Ana is always looking for ways to help her clients succeed; she never misses an opportunity to advocate.

Francis shows real patience when working with others.

Mama is very caring and adaptable to last minute changes.

Baba is well respected. He has a strong voice and brings attention to important matters.

Ralph brings a positive outlook to everything he does.

Daniel never turns away from working with anyone and encourages clients to have self-worth.

Abdul is attentive to details; he always has a positive demeanor, even in stressful situations. 

Jon is always striving to ensure staff and client needs / safety are the priority. He wears many hats!

Jazebel is very kind and will go the extra mile for her clients and team.


Kayla strives to be two steps ahead, is very organized, and often volunteers outside of her regular work so clients can attend activities.


Robert will always be the voice of reason and models how to approach hard topics with respect and dignity.

Shane is always ready and willing to put on his LCI / LCII hat when needed.

Thank you Cobalt Team, for making a difference each and every day. We appreciate you all and couldn’t do this without you!