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November 8, 2023

October Employee of the Month – Robert

From our Executive Director:

“There were so many accolades that came with the nomination for Robert that I only have the finger strength to type a small percentage.

  • He has worked short staffed for a long time, maybe years, but without complaint.
  • He’s covered extra on call rotations, meetings, and dealt with dozens of last-minute schedule changes.
  • He has and does support clients through crisis.
  • Cleaned and reorganized multiple people’s homes.
  • He consistently meets clients “where they are” without judgement and in a positive approach.
  • He freely shares his unique set of knowledge and supports coworkers in learning the Assets way.
  • He is, to quote our Chief of Services, “often the voice of reason”.

I could go on and on but will stop here and just say thank you Robert and congratulations on this much deserved recognition.”