Adult Assisted Living

Assets, Inc. recruits, on an ongoing basis, adults who are interested in becoming assisted living providers for our adult clients, usually ages 19 through 60. We assist interested parties in securing a license through the State of Alaska to operate an assisted living home.

Adults served by Assets typically have a history of institutionalization or multiple placements. Assets helped these adults to find stable, long-term placements and assist them to function in the community by providing a host of services including therapeutic care, service planning, skills training, service coordination and crisis response services.

Assisted living providers are expected to offer a safe, structured, home environment to adults who are unable to live independently due to developmental or psychiatric disabilities. Applicants must be 21 years of age, be willing and able to work with clients, family members and other professionals who serve the clients and meet the State of Alaska assisted living licensing standards. Licensing standards require work experience and training or education related to the type of clients a provider wishes to serve.

Assets, Inc. provides its assisted living providers with training to assist them in meeting the needs of their clients. Additionally, Assets assumes the cost of required background checks for each of its assisted living providers and other adults living in the home. A monthly professional stipend based on the needs of the client is provided to the assisted living representative (ALR).

For more information

If you are interested in becoming an assisted living representative for Assets Inc, please come by the office at 2330 Nichols Street to speak with the Assets’ Licensing Specialist or call (907) 279-6617.