Contract Services

What We Offer

Assets, Inc. delivers cost-effective services of uncompromising quality -all backed by an outstanding commitment to customer service.

The Non-Profit Difference

We create employment opportunities and provide job training to individuals with disabilities. Our service contract dollars not only stay in Alaska, they are reinvested in our community. Assets' services make a difference by helping individuals who experience disabilities become contributing and valued members of our community.

Contract Capabilities

Competitive Pricing

With 30+ years of service contract experience, Assets, Inc. has become proficient in determining service costs. Our pricing reflects innovative and efficient approaches to delivering high quality services. As Assets, we believe in keeping our promises and work to achieve a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship with each customer.

How Assets Works For You

We listen. Our services are built by maximizing value and ensuring innovation. We eliminate contract anxiety and focus on delighting customers with surprising value and quality. Prompt attention, genuine concern, courteous staff, and world class management all describe what you will experience when you redefine value the "Assets way".

Quality. We define quality by the industry and more importantly to you, the customer. Assets, Inc. has internal quality control measures including employee training, state of the art equipment, quality control systems, specialists and enticing career paths to contract the best talent. This all adds to our bottom line, which is customers who are delighted with our services. When you do business with Assets, our sole focus is your satisfaction with our services.

Customer Service

Our business is built on the relationships we have with our customers. Communication doesn't stop once we have a contract in hand. We're just getting started. Assets utilizes effective modes of communication with our customers and has response teams in place to take your call any time of day. This level of our customer communication and speed of response to quality improvement opportunities is second only to our commitment to quality — Assets will be the last service you will ever need to call.

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For more information, call the Contract Services Director at (907) 334-8627.