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From the Executive Director:

"Well, I think the additional sun light that is part of spring has allowed us to see what good things our coworkers are doing. It had been 3 months since anyone was nominated for a core value. This month we got three. I have two Honorable Mentions: Mary Rider for her willingness to add exorbitant tasks to her busy day at the request of others when needed.  Kayla Almasy regularly flexes her schedule to accommodate clients needs without an audible whimper, ever.  The secret is, both these ladies have won this recognition in the last 8 months, and although deserving again we’re pinching pennies in hopes of some new employees being recognized.

This month we award the Core value spotlight to Vincente Molina for supporting three Non-English speaking employees by attending class with them so they get what they need from our trainer. (Dignity and Respect and Adapt overcome and improvise)"

March 22, 2024

Bus Fund

Dear Friends,

Assets has never made a direct appeal for donations , but we are in a position requiring us to do so now.

Assets provides bus transportation to over fifty persons with disabilities who work on the JBER Military base. We do so without financial assistance.

One of our buses was replaced with a newer one allowing the older bus to be transferred to our Community Service Department.

This department depended on the bus to bring people to art and cooking groups, transportation for fishing and other cultural events

and as part of our Emergency Evacuation Plan. It has suffered a major mechanical issue we cannot afford to repair.

Please consider making any amount of donation.

By clicking the link below, you can make a secure donation online at:    

Abdul Mannah’s supervisor and coordinator acknowledge providing much deserved recognition to this employee is way, way overdo. Abdul has been providing the highest level of support to most of the  clients on the Cobalt team for years and has done so at their homes, in the community and even at work.  Abdul is determined to be a consistent and reliable employee. It is reported that at one time he was without a vehicle and utilized cabs and Uber to make sure he was on time where and for who he needed to be present.

From our Executive Director: "This nomination is miles higher than above and beyond.  Heather Cartwright is already so busy as to make me feel guilty every day. Regardless of all the work transforming our HR department entails, she has found time to work with a specific employee for countless hours to help in a number of serious life changing events. In addition to directly meeting with and assisting this person she has worked with local and federal law enforcement  State of Alaska department of health staff and banks. She has even helped in finding outside employment.

I’ve probably said too much about these delicate matters but wanted to give a sense of the extremes Heather will and has gone to help another employee.

Heather, you set the gold standard for the rest of us."