Supported Employment

What Services Can I expect from Assets?

Job Development: Assets will assist you with finding a job in the community by helping you create a resume, apply for jobs in person and/or online, network with potential employers in the community, tour potential job sites, prepare and participate in interviews and complete the necessary steps to successfully obtain employment.

Skills Training: Assets’ will provide you with on the job training and coaching to assist you in learning all direct and indirect skills necessary to successfully maintain employment.

Case Management: Assets’ approach is to provide you with a team of professionals who support you when needed, help you maintain employment, ensure services are well coordinated, and develop an individualized plan that affirms your hopes and dreams, sets priorities, determines attainable employment goals and identifies who will help you achieve these goals.

How Do I Access Supported Employment Services?

Several factors which influence whether or not Assets can accept you as a client include:

  • Does your disability fit our mission?
  • Do we currently have the expertise and resources to meet your needs?
  • Do you have the desire to obtain employment and work with us to successfully achieve this goal?
  • Can we determine a funding mechanism to support your services?
  • Will you be 18 or older by the time we initiate services?

When you inquire about Assets’ Supported Employment Service, we will ask questions to help us determine if we are the best provider to meet your needs. Funding and staff resources are critical to providing quality services. Assets ensure both are in place before initiating services.

For More Information:

Call the Employment Services Director at 907-334-8804