Supported Living

Who do we serve?

Assets’ provides wrap around services for individuals 18 years of age through adulthood who experience developmental disabilities and/or serious mental illnesses who need substantial supports to live, work, and recreate in our community.

What services can I expect from Assets?

Service Planning: Professionals at Assets will help you develop a service plan that affirms your hopes and dreams, sets priorities, determines attainable goals and indentifies who will help you achieve them.

Skills Training: Assets will assist you with learning the skills identified in the service planning process.

Employment Services: Assets will help you find a job you enjoy. We will assist you in learning your job and supporting you throughout the duration of your employment.

Home Supports: Assets supports individuals in a broad array of living arrangements based on preference, regulations and available resources. These options can range from living with a paid provider you help choose, to renting or owning your own home.

Case Management: Assets’ approach is to provide you with a team of professionals who support you when needed, help you connect with other community services and ensure your services are well coordinated and occur in a timely manner.

Crisis Assistance: Assets’ Supported Living Services are available 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies.

How will Assets’ Services Help Me?

All services provided by Assets are based on the belief that every person, disabled and non-disabled alike, has the right to live, work and recreate in their community. Assets’ recognizes that people with disabilities thrive when they have opportunities to:

  • Live in their own homes
  • Be employed by local business
  • Have a variety of friends
  • Be connected to their own families
  • Manage their own affairs
  • Make their own decisions
  • Be accepted and valued community members

Based on these beliefs, Assets organizes its services in ways which enable individuals with disabilities to communicate their interests and preferences, develop decision making abilities, enhance their reputations, and overcome stereotyping.

Assets will assist you whatever your needs are—finding a stable home, a rewarding job, helping you better connect with your family, friends, and neighbors, or more actively participate in the community. Assets’ services consist of individualized, non-intrusive, discrete supports of your choice that help you experience a sense of confidence, empowerment and control in your life.

How do I access Assets’ services?

Several factors which influence whether or not Assets can accept you as a client include:

  • Does your disability fit our mission?
  • Do we have the expertise and current resources to meet your needs?
  • Do you have the desire to work with us?
  • Can we determine a funding mechanism to support your services?
  • Will you be 18 or older by the time we initiate services?

When you inquire about Assets’ services, we will ask you questions to help us determine if we are the best provider to meet your needs. Funding and staff resources are critical to providing quality services. Assets’ ensures both are in place before initiating services.

How will I know if Assets' services are working?

You will tell us! To get your feedback, Assets conducts formal satisfaction surveys. We also have a service complaint process and a compliance plan in place as part of our effort to continuously improve our services.

For More information:

Call the CS Specialist 907-334-8677